What Are Nanotechnology Liposomes & its benefits?

A liposme is a microscopic, fluid-filled pouch whose walls are made of layers of phospholipds identical in makeup to the phospholipids that make up cell membranes. Liposomes can be used to deliver substances to the blood stream and even cells much more efficiently than normal. When phospholipids combine with water they immediately form a microscopic sphere because one end of the phospholipid structure is very water loving. The opposite end is fatty in nature and thus is water insoluble. Water soluble substances can be trapped inside the water sphere while fat soluble substances can be trapped inside the fat soluble opposite end of the molecule.

The resulting configurations are called liposomes and offer a unique delivery system for nutrients and even drugs because these microscopic spheres are so tiny that it takes a very powerful microscope to identify them. Absorption becomes almost perfect which solves many problems for special nutrient deficiencies of substances which are poorly absorbed or which have a normal molecular size that would inhibit efficient absorption. Liposomal delivery of nutrients offers a serious advance in therapy for life-threatening conditions such as:

ParkinsonismAlzheimersAutismMultiple SclerosisCongestive Heart FailureBi-Polar DiseaseAging

For those of you who believe you are healthy, consider the research that indicates delivery of certain nutrients to your cells would restore the vitality and vigor of the cell to when you were twenty years of age! Yes! the technology of nutrient delivery has now caught up with the technology of the test tube! Let's Talk Health has developed a whole array of liposomal nutrients for specific and general uses. The liposomal delivery system is the first real advance in nutrition in decades! You will be convinced with the first use because the improvement in neuro-muscular coordination, memory and energy is evident almost immediately. Signs of aging are replaced by new vigor and enthusiasm not experienced for a long time.

Nanotechnology refers to creating micro particles of the active material one wish to coat with liposomes - in this case vitamin C. This requires expensive equipment and considerable time to complete. These micro particles are then inserted into special fat soluble materials resembling micro bubbles just a few millionths of an inch in diameter which are capable of sliding through the gut lining without being digested. The "bubbles" are now in the blood stream and are offered to the cells of the body as needed. As with the gut wall, the cell wall loves liposomes because they are made up of similar material (phosphatydal choline, lecithin, phosphatydal serine, CLA, etc) and the enclosed vitamin C is delivered directly into the cell while the liposomes are used by the cell wall or for other functions within the cell. A huge advance in both efficiency and effectiveness of supplemental nutrients!

Vitamin C is the most used supplement in the world. There is good reason for this as the science behind the many benefits of vitamin C is solid. Dr. Svent Gyorgi and Dr. Linus Pauling performed innumerable experiments proving that man, unlike most animals, is dependent upon vitamin C for a healthy existence. For decades we have relied upon various ascorbic formulas for our supplemental needs, but now a whole new vista opens up with Liposomal technology.

Increase Absorption Dramatically - Regular vitamin C is absorbed at approximately 19%, the balance remains in the gastrointestinal tract to attract water and loosen the bowels. Nanotechnology, liposomalized vitamin C is absorbed at 93%, measurable in the blood stream. A 390% increase in absorption!

CoQ-10 is literally the "spark plug" of the cell. Over four thousand clinical studies have proven that the more C0Q-10 you have in your body, the longer and healthier you live. Studies at the University of Texas at Austin showed that 75% of all heart patients have severe deficiencies of CoQ-10. A human trial in Denmark involving 32 breast cancer patients investigated the efficacy of CoQ-10 as an adjunct therapy. The results showed that all patients in the trial reported that they used fewer painkillers and did not lose weight during chemotherapy. In addition, 6 patients showed signs of full remission which were not anticipated by the oncologists. Some of the signs of CoQ-10 deficiency are muscle aches and pains, liver dysfunction and mental deterioration. These are also significantly the side effects of statin drugs which destroy CoQ-10 in the human body.

The largest impediment in supplementing CoQ-10 to the human is the incredibly poor absorption when taken orally. Physicians have found that intravenous CoQ-10 is amazingly effective but oral use is limited because of the high doses necessary for results. The advent of nano particle CoQ-10 that is then merged into a liposomal delivery system has produced blood levels that rival intravenous infusion! Absolutely incredible results are being obtained in formerly difficult-to-treat conditions such as Parkinson's and autism as well as heart disease and cancer.

Increase Absorption Dramatically - Regular CoQ-10 is absorbed at approximately 7 - 9%, some emulsified forms are 10 - 20%; the balance remains in the gastrointestinal tract and is lost. Nanotechnology, liposomalized CoQ-10 is absorbed at 90% plus, measurable in the blood stream. A more than 10 times increase in absorption (depending on which form you compare)! You can get IV results with oral dosage!

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