Vitamin D3+ MK-7 Required for Calcium and Phosphorus absorption (1,60 ml bottle)

Vitamin D3 provides the body with many benefits including helping us prevent certain diseases.  Vitamin D3 can affect as many as 2,000 genes in the body. Vitamin D has several important functions. Perhaps the most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous and facilitating normal immune system function. 1 Bottle

  • Builds Strong Bones — Vitamin D3 is important because it helps the human body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which leads to healthy bone and tooth development. It helps to prevent rickets which is a disease where the bones become soft and brittle. 
  • Helps the Brain to "talk" to the nerves — Vitamin D3 plays a role in muscle coordination. It is used by the brain as a component that helps the brain to send and receive electronic signals, especially to the muscles. 
  • Builds a Stronger Immune System — Vitamin D3 is an essential part of our body's defense against harmful vectors such as bacteria and virus.      
  • Helps Defeat Depression — Research is now pointing towards a link between vitamin D3 deficiency and depression disorders. 


Serving Size: 1 ml on empty stomach per day or as directed by  Physician. D3 Plus contains 5000 IU of  D3, 50 mcg of vitamin K2 (as MK-7) and 25 mg of Resveratrol. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Vitamin D3+ MK-7 Required for Calcium and Phosphorus absorption (1,60 ml bottle) (Click here for DETAILS)

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